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Canfield Solitaire Overview

Are you ready for your biggest solitaire challenge yet? The best of Canfield Solitaire is certain to test your skills to the maximum. Canfield Solitaire is notorius for being the most challenging game of the family to complete. However, we're convinced that if you put in the work, you will be playing Canfield Solitaire free of difficulty in no time!

How to Play Canfield Solitaire

The goal here is to move all of your cards onto the four foundation piles, and each pile only takes cards of each suit in ascending order — pretty standard. However, Canfield Solitaire presents difficulty by generating a random card of any value for the first foundation, with the other foundations then required to start with same card. Therefore, there is no limit to how long a single pile can be, as, say, Aces can be played onto Kings so long as the pile keeps ascending. Canfield Soliatire was born in a casino, so it was never going to be easy.
In Canfield Solitaire, there also exists something known as a tableau. These are found beneath the foundations and each of them has a random card of any value. These must be built out in a descending order and follow standard color rules. Tableaus in free canfield solitaire games like this one can be tricky because they cannot be split once they are built, so you must be careful! For more information on the rules of Canfield Solitaire, click on the help section under the menu in the top-right corner of your screen!

Fun Facts About Canfield Solitaire

  • Did you know that Canfield Solitaire is known as Demon Solitaire in the UK and Ireland due to its level of difficulty?
  • Where does the name come from? The man who invented it! Legend has it that Richard A. Canfield invented Canfield Solitaire for his casino in New York in the 1890s. Back in the days of traditional Canfield Solitaire green felt!
  • When computer solutions have been run on the world of solitaire canfield, they have found that only 71% to 72% of games are possible to win.
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